Sunday, February 19, 2012

Real Food Forager Giveaway!

I recently purchased the Sprouting Grains webinar from Real Food Forager and I can't wait to learn how to make sprouted breads and other delicious things! Here is the link for that if you are interested

But this post is about a giveaway for a free Cuisinart Immersion Blender! I recently bought the book Nourishing Traditions and it has soup recipes that require a hand blender just like this so I think this will be a handy tool to win. Here is the link to win it Check it out!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is coming!

So I know everyone is probably mad at me because I've been saying I will post for a long time now and haven't... but here it is! As I'm sure all of you know, I am now married to my wonderful husband Nathan. I am so sorry if you haven't met him, he is amazing and you will love him when you meet him.

So, first I am going to say that I did get that Sunflower Market job from my last post and it was HORRIBLE! So, after almost a year of that soul-sucking place I decided I need to take action and actually go to school again like I'd wanting to for so long. So we are sacrificing and Nathan and I are both attending Front Range Community College full time as of September. We love going to school together and we even had a class together, Music Appreciation. The semester just ended on the 14th and we both got mostly A's and one B. Pretty dang good for someone who hasn't gone to school in 3 years.

We also both work at the same job which is great. Nathan has worked there for like 2 years and I just started working there when I started school. It's called Dakota Apparel and it's a screen printing shop. It's a small business and the owners are a married couple, Kevin and Karen, who run it. It's nice working for a small locally owned company. And there's only 2 other employees, Armando and Antoinette. Nathan screen prints and I do embroidery. The only problem is in the winter time there is hardly any work, so we haven't been working, which is hard.

Oh yeah so I also wanted to mention that my car got fixed about a year ago in early January. A new transmission. Second transmission that's been put in that car since I've owned it. Nathan and I made a trip to Utah in early January so he could meet some of my family and my car had just got out of the shop when we went on that trip. On the way there on a 2 lane highway off of I-80, it was 2am and we were only an hour away from my sister Liz's. I crossed a bend and there was a huge elk in the road. Nathan was asleep and woke up to us flying in the air after launching off a snow bank. We couldn't see a thing because of the snow on the windshield and we landed and skid for about 100 feet. We were in the air for 30 feet. Luckily, we were both OK and didn't even have a scratch on us. With the help of Liz's husband Rod coming to get us and my parents having a tow truck service, we made it out OK. We waited for a tow truck for about 3 hours and made it to Liz's at about 8am. The luckiest part of this experience was that when we landed there were multiple cars who stopped to check on us. I hadn't seen a car for miles before the accident while I was driving. A really sweet couple with 2 cute kids drove us to a place where we had cell phone reception to call for the tow truck. If it wasn't for them we would have been stranded. I wish I remembered their names so I could thank them again. They were from Spanish Fork so if anyone knows them let me know :) My parents drove to Utah that weekend to meet Nathan and Nathan and my dad spent the weekend getting the car up to par for the trip home. We were so blessed and the Lord was really looking after us. There are photos below.

So Nathan proposed to me on Jan. 19th, 2 days before my birthday and I said yes. I'm sure you have all heard this story, but if someone hasn't and wants me to tell it on here I will. We were married March 14, or 3.14 for pi, at the Logan, UT temple. It was the best wedding I could have wished for, thanks mainly to my parents and other members of my family. I only wished that more of my friends and loved ones could have attended from Washington. There are some photos below.

I will post some photos of the first apartment Nathan and I lived in after this post. We are now living in a different place and I don't have many photos of this place yet, but will post more photos later. Most importantly, we are so happy to be married and are so grateful to all of our loved ones who care for us. I will post again after the holidays with more updates and will try and post more consistently. Love you all!

Here's a ton of photos! and they are chronological

I love this photo of Nathan and Troy. This is Sep. '08 before Nathan and I started dating

This is one of my favorite photos of Nathan before we dated. Can't you see why I wanted this boy so bad?


The Humans are Dead (From Flight of the Conchords)

Troy is a mad scientist for Halloween '08

Nathan is a scuba diver, I am a sailor '08

Nathan's second costume, some sort of plush velvety running suit...reminds me of George's outfit on Seinfeld

Smarties it crowd to get it

me eating smarties cereal

Me and Nathan got matching henna

Me and Troy's matching faint apparel

Nathan smoking the turkey. Thanksgiving '08

Nathan was gone for 2 weeks and I made him cream cheese brownies when he got back Jan. '09

Photos from the accident I talked about.

I am standing where we landed, notice the untouched snow behind me, that's where we were in the air

Derek, Joe and Nathan playing....I can't remember what they are called...

Me and Aynna and her friend doing the OK GO 'million ways' dance

me and nathan Jan '08

Aynna, Joe, me, and Liz Jan '08 and Jonah in Aynna's belly

Me when I found my wedding boots

Nathan and I the day before my wedding, after I recieved my endowment at the SLC temple

Right after being married in the Logan Temple!

Cutting the cake at our reception

And then a kiss

On our way to Aynna's after our honeymoon we stopped to see the Logan Temple again

Nathan eating a peanut butter oreo that had 3 stuffs, kinda like a big mac. What a sweet defect huh? This is in our first apartment

Me and Nathan at the Denver Temple for the first time together

Pretty rainbow

Yulia and Olga, cute russian girls that stayed with our friends, and we went camping with them

Another pretty double full rainbow!

Cute photo of me and Nathan

Nathan really hurt his ankle from a rope swing accident, it could have been a lot worse

My cute furry husband, he looks like animal from the Muppets

Tour de Fat, a bike festival on Labor Day weekend with a bike parade we were in. So many bikes!

South Dakota trip with Taryn and Skipper. Worst continental breakfast ever! So funny

Jordan (Taryn's little brother), Skipper, Taryn and Nathan in the wind caves in SD

Mt Rushmore! My first time there

Nathan in front of the Texas flag, where he's from

Me in front of the WA flag, love that state

Nathan really looking like animal here

Nathan on his birthday Sep. 29 '09, he turned 24! What an old man

We currently live in the basement of this house

Big snowstorm right before Halloween this year

I'm wearing Nathan's Han Solo coat

I love my furry husband

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ft Collins! Hooray!

So let's see. I didn't get that office job, but that's ok. NBD (no big deal, thanks eric) I moved to Ft Collins on Thurs. nite. Nathan and Chris, 2 boys from my new ward helped me which was awesome. So yeah, Ft Collins is a sweet college town north of Longmont about 30-35 miles (not 50 Troy :P ) It's a much better place than Longmont because it's a college town and Longmont is suburbia. My car was still running so luckily it made it up to Ft Collins ok the nite I moved, but the next day on Friday when I went to turn in an application at Sunflower Market it totally died on the way there, so it doesn't run at all now. I'm going to see about getting it worked on. I really like my new place, it's a townhome and it's fairly new. It remind me of when I lived with Janalee in those fancy nice new apartments. It has a washer/dryer which is nice and rent is not bad. I also have the master bedroom which is sweet. The room is so big. New experience for me. I like it so far. I'm listening to awesome latin music. I love it. Listen to real Ricky Martin sometime, AMAZING!

Ok, my new roommate is Jennifer, she's freaking awesome and hot. She's getting her masters in microbiology and is super smart so it's intimidating. I pretty much feel like an idiot around her. She's awesome tho and we get along great. Like on Saturday nite she came home and she got free make up from Clinique and she never wears make up so she asked if I wanted it. I of course can't turn down free anything so I said sure. So she wanted me to try on the lipstick and it was like really dark purplish! Sooo not me, don't think I've ever worn lipstick that dark. So after putting it on we decided I needed dark "gothic" eye make up to go with it. It was fun. Troy of course, made fun of me. But I had fun.

So I had an interview today at Sunflower Market which is like a natural farmers market type place. I know I will really like working there. I'm pretty sure I got the job. Chris that helped me move works there and hooked me up which is nice. I had a really fun weekend hanging out with Troy and Nathan. Last nite was great because we all went on a nite hike and it was cold and raining and when we got to the top of the reservoir (which is within walking distance) it was snow. We were wet and cold by the time we got back 2.5 hours later. CRAZY but fun. Afterwards I made crepes and Nathan made homemade hot chocolate. Way good. Then we chilled out and watched Batman Begins on TV. I almost forgot how great that movie is. I've been meaning to buy it for a while.

So while I was still in Longmont I watched a new house episode on DVR and afterward discovered that my favorite tv show the IT CROWD was on the IFC channel on Tuesday nites and they just started showing it!!! AMAZING! It completely made my day, week, year. So great. So I made sure to DVR the first couple episodes and made people watch it for the last week I was in that house. It was all worth it just for that. I found out that like 4 months ago they made it crowd compatible and available for North America, way great. So as soon as I have a little bit of extra money I'm going to buy it and have my friends watch the rest because I've got a few friends hooked already. If you haven't seen it look into it NOW! (Jake) I'm trying to think of what else eventful has happened. I know I'm missing something. I just talked to Troy on the phone and lost my train of thought. And I'm freaking hungry. So now I'm going to upload some photos and be done. If I think of it later I will let you know. For some reason I think it had something to do with Becky and Spokane but I don't remember. Oh well. Peace out.

Wait! I remembered something. After my interview I started walking towards home and just chatted on the phone, it was nice, and I eventually got picked up by Nathan which was nice but I looked on google maps when I got home and I walked 3 miles! SO COOL! Didn't even really notice. I was walking for about an hour I guess. Now it's over.

ps. Troy's brother's family that he lives with, they are WONDERFUL and I love their 6 kids and spending time with them. Kinda like a home away from home. Fan-flippin-tastic.

My new bathroom

Troy after the nite hike

My new bed


Just so you can get a perspective of my room

Computer and board

Nathan at the top of the reservoir, the climax of our hike

Troy at the top

Jennifer at the top

Me at the top

Me after the hike, weird red streaks on my face, i think from the rain. They didn't go away all nite.

My new living room and kitchen (so nice)

My new stairs

Me with my dark lipstick and intense make up

Troy and I put leaves on Nathan's car, amazing

I was on the phone with Hayley

The reservoir in daylight

Troy at the Reservoir beach

CUTE Squirrel. I LOVE the squirrel's here

My new place

My new fellow townhome neighbors